Tim Lyon

Realtor / Broker

Cell Phone: (425) 306-8184
Email: Tim@LyonQuest.com
Website: http://timandmonicarealestate.com/

We live in a fast paced world, where everything is available online, with no customer service. Computers answer the phone and try to solve your problems. Call us old fashioned, but Tim and Monica Lyon still like to do business in a very personal manner. We like to meet people face to face, and listen to their needs as far as buying or selling their home. Together we solve the real estate related problems they are facing, and guide them through the maze of mortgages and real estate.

Tim has the attitude that houses sell themselves, His job in this market is to represent his customers and negotiate deals on their behalf. Real estate transactions can be one of the most complicated and important financial transactions of your life. We can offer a wealth of knowledge and services to assist you in all your real estate needs.